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This would be my fourth or fifth earnest attempt to initiate and maintain a blog.  I have a feeling it will actually take this time.  Perhaps because I have started it to out-Klout Kelsye.  Perhaps because I am now working at Hedgebrook and it seems really silly to be working at an organization who empowers women writers and not write.  Perhaps because it’s just about damn time.

My mother has always called me a writer.  Other people identify me as such but I have eschewed the title for ridiculous reasons.  Oh, but I’m an actress.  Oh, but I’m a director.  Oh, but I’ve always just been a good student…

Finally, I am embracing the title.  Yes.  I AM a writer.  You caught me red-handed.  Good for you.  Do you want a fricking cookie?!

I am not necessarily a linear thinker.  (I will expand on the “vokatiebulary” term “katie story” at a later date. It involves a runner about cacti).  I assure you, though, that this blog will be entertaining, neurotic, verbose, insightful, have pretty pictures and be comprised 42% of pixie dust.

Thanks for reading.

(p.s. It’s Mel Brooks’ birthday today, which explains the picture from Blazing Saddles.  They did not have blogs back in the old west, but perhaps they exchanged stories about farting around the campfire.  Which is similar enough to blogging.  So there.)