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Chances are, someday you’ll be dumped.  Plain and simple.

The last time I got dumped went something like this:

He: I just think we’re in different places in our life, I think we might be too different as people…

Me: What the crap, I love you, what’s going on?!?!

He: I think we should take a break.

(Pause for excruciating week-long break during finals at graduate school).

Me: Wow, I missed you!

He: I just want to be friends.

Me: Wha—WAHHHHHHHH!!! (Gut-wrenching sobs explode).

He: I can’t watch this anymore, it makes me too sad, I’m leaving now.

(Followed by this text a week later)

He: We’re too different even to be friends, I think it’s best we go our separate ways.

(Followed by this Facebook message two weeks after later).

He: Out of respect for you, I want to let you know I’ve started seeing someone else. I wish you the best on all our future endeavors.

Me: (lightbulb! Silently, to myself:) Aha. Wow. Major bummer.

Of course, this is oversimplified, and I’ve cut out most of the bits that make me seem crazypants, but overall, it’s a fairly accurate retelling.

So, in lieu of our country’s independence, I am going to be celebrating my OWN independence, and I invite you to do the same.

Four Fabulous Tips for Celebrating Your Own Independence on July 4th:

1) Read up on the Quirkyalone movement.

Quirkyalone: n. adj. a person who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and prefers being single to dating for the sake of dating. It’s a mindset. Quirkyalone is not anti-love. It is pro-love. It is not anti-dating. It is anti-compulsory dating. Quirkyalone is a book, a holiday, and a movement. Are you a quirkyalone?

Find out more here.  This book changed my life a few years ago, and I had completely forgotten about it until I started writing this post. It’s revolutionary, and you should take part!

2) Replace “Why me?” with “What’s next?”

Nobody wants to hear this, but YES, everything happens for a reason.  For some reason and purpose, you manifested this relationship ending as much as the other person was a butthead and dumped you.  What did you learn?  And what exciting adventures did cutting the cord open up for you?  If you spend too much time wallowing, you might miss them.  Focus on opening your awareness to the awesomeness that ultimately lies ahead.

3) Say Vagina.

Make a stand!  Find a cause worth joining.  Lately, I have been really moved by Eve Ensler and the #sayvagina movement.  Did you know that over 5,000 people assembled to hear The Vagina Monolgues performed on the states of the Michigan State capital?!?! Vagina, vagina, vagina!

4) Write.

The world needs YOUR voice.  Celebrate your experiences, dissect your challenges, change the script of your life and see what that feels like.  It doesn’t have to be anything, you just need to sit down and do it.  Get your hands dirty and WRITE!