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Working with Hedgebrook’s first ever virtual writing prompt!


You’re on your way to lunch when you walk by a crowd of people staring up toward the sky. You look up and see someone at the top of a building getting ready to jump to his or her death. Quickly you realize you know this person—in fact, it’s someone from work. Something about this moment overtakes, so you rush to the top of the top of the building to save this person’s life.”


My heart was pounding in my chest. I had no idea how a 90 pound Mastiff/Australian Shepherd mix got to the roof of the Grand Central Building.  How was that even possible?!  He must have figured out doorknobs.

I ran up the four flights of stairs and climbed up the fire escape.  I approached Zeus slowly and carefully.

“Whatcha doing, buddy?”

Suddenly, thankfully, I was given the ability to communicate telepathically with this dog in crisis.

“It’s the stupid new puppy,” thought Zeus.  “Everyone likes him way better than me.  He’s not even that cute.  And he wines.  And farts a lot.  I’m a big dog, and even I don’t fart that much.  He needs to switch to a different diet, for sure.  I am going to jump off this building to escape from his farts forever.”

“Zeus, you don’t want to do that. Think of Kelsye!  You’re her rock, she would miss you so much, she would be beside herself.  She’s already really bummed that I’ve already surpassed her Klout score in a matter of days. This would just ruin her.  Don’t jump!”

Zeus slowly regarded me with his big brown eyes, taking it all in.

“Ok,” he thought. “I won’t jump, but you’re buying me a steak.”