We all have our demons

as we get on the 7:00 ferry,

walking in a carefully clipped pace

a cartel of commuters.

The routine has not yet become mechanic

for me

I am new

just started commuting regularly two months ago.

There is a commuting culture that I am


becoming a part of…

(A native in a foreign land?)

We exit the ferry as a collective mass,

keeping up the pace

keeping up the trot

(a man on a skateboard whizzes past)

and we arrive at the train station

and await the Sounder

It pulls up at 7:26,

we fill it, en masse,

jockeying for seats

on the side facing the Puget Sound.

I am lucky and grab one:

today I will watch the water.

I see more herons on this journey

that I ever have before in my life.

They jab violently at the water’s surface,

searching for food.

Rotting bits of pier,

the roof of an old house,

decay interspersed with the waves,

the Canadian geese,

the seagulls.

Today I see four eagles.

And it occurs to me,

before today,

I had never seen an eagle

sitting still

on the beach.