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On Friday night, Whidbey Island Center for the Arts opened an original piece entitled “Outsider,” written and directed by local playwright Gail Fleming.

The play centers around Flora (played by Marta Mulholland), a woman who has created her own language with which she communicates with nature, and Professor Jay Thompson (played by Jim Carroll), who works in the Biology department of the local university.

Marta delivers a graceful, embodied, authentic performance, bringing to life a fully-developed character, even though her words are few.  Jim brings a grounded, nuanced performance as the grieving widower, hungry for knowledge.  He especially shines when singing the songs, a collaboration between the playwright and local musician, Kira Keeney.

Rounding out the cast are local favorites Ethan Berkley and Judith Adams, delivering levity as comic foils for Jay as his colleagues in the Biology department.  Relative newcomers Lars Larson and Shellie Moore give the play depth as Flora’s companions.

Whidbey is incredibly lucky to have such a diverse and talented theatre community.  I encourage you to support your local theatre community by seeing this orignal piece!

To find out more about “Outsider,” including how to purchase tickets, visit WICA’s website here.