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I can take myself too seriously.  It’s true.  But whenever I start to get too cocky, I pull up this picture and check myself.  It’s from when I was 13 and won a context to be the guest announcer on Michael Feldman’s quiz show, Whad’Ya Know?  That’s right, folks, I was on NPR at age 13. With braces, sneakers, bell bottoms with flying dragons and a tie made out of fake cheese.

If you’d like to listen to my antics, you can access the show archive here.  The week prior to the show airing, they played a clip of my audition tape, in which I said, “I should get to be the announcer because I could do the job better than any man.”

Michael Feldman quipped, “I guess they’re teaching feminism in middle school.” I’m pretty sure I didn’t encounter feminism until college, but I’m glad that even 13-year old me was a bit of a lightning rod. 😉