(Photo by William Gentry)


My heart pounds.

My heart pounds violently,



It is planning an attack:

cracking through ribs

tearing through my soft epidermis

to lay prostrate

on the stage.

If only you will give me this part.


I will perform a kind of alchemy:

simultaneously showing you my true self

and the purest distortion

that will become your perfect reality.

Your Hamlet, your Vanya, your Hedda.

I will transform.

I will lose myself completely.

I will disappear, if you desire.

If only you will give me this part.


Let me be your sorcerer’s apprentice.

Let me feel something stir within,

let me be vulnerable,

I am willing.

I am hungry.

I am vibrating.

I am pounding.

I am pounding violently against the stage.

I am my heart.

I am the part.