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When I grow up, I want to be like Kelsye.

If you have read the tagline of this blog, you may have been wondering who Kelsye is and why I needed to out-Klout her…

Kelsye is the new Marketing/Communications goddess at Hedgebrook. She is the most famous person I know on Twitter and have actually met.

Luddite that I was, I had not yet heard about Klout. As soon as tech-savvy-super-famous-Kelsye told me about it, I knew the gauntlet had been thrown down.

“A really good way to improve your score is to maintain a blog,” she said, not suspecting my ulterior motives.

Done and done.  Starting and maintaining this blog have been important and rewarding to me.  Cathartic even.  As we go through the strategic planning process at Hedgebrook, there is much discussion about how we are committed to giving women equal voice and empowering them to take their space in the world to tell their stories.

Kelsye is an inspiration.  Being in proximity to her and her unrelenting passion for writing and writers on a daily basis makes me sit down when I get home at night and compose new blog posts.

Really, she does amazing things.  She is off to save spider monkeys as I’m typing this.  Check her out on Twitter: @Kelsye

Or peruse her kick-ass project, Writer.ly : a “Marketplace of independent publishing services.” Click here!

Even though Klout has recently changed their algorithm and I no longer lord over Kelsye, I heartily enjoyed the brief span of weeks while I reigned supreme.