I am crying into my spicy chicken pho.

My boss and I are eating lunch at Julie’s Garden in downtown Seattle. I just heard disappointing news and am trying to maintain my composure.  It is not going well.

My boss is the best–she makes suggestions in a way that is very organic and not at all condescending.  She observes that one can either be upset at a situation and speculate on the intentions of the other parties involved, or take steps to try and affect positive change.

Easy for her to say.

But instead of being snarky and wallowing, this time, I get out my phone, shoot off a few emails, make a few calls and I manage to make some waves.  And it really feels good!

I was recently told about the phenomenon of the Saturn return.  It’s the astrological concept wherein every 27-30 years, Saturn returns to the position it was when you were born.  Things come back to you cosmically and you restructure, etc.

Tomorrow, I turn 27. It’s also a new moon.  So I am going to use all my cosmic juju to incorporate more assertiveness into my life.  My friend Max is going to make an official certificate for manifesting happiness and success.  Who knows where I go from here!

Probably back to Julie’s Garden.  Their pho is amazing.