You can’t go to the dog park if you don’t have a dog.
I mean, you probably shouldn’t.
Going to the dog park without a dog
is like going to the kid park without a kid.
People get suspicious.

There are no dog custody arrangements
when two humans break up.
It would be nice if it were common practice
to employ an animal psychic
and ask the dog what he or she wants.
Set up a schedule accordingly.

Sometimes I go to the dog park
sans dog.
I stay in my car and
watch the dogs fetch
and sniff each other’s butts.
Their social hierarchy
makes more sense than ours.

When I’m feeling very nervy
I might even go on the trails.
I have this fantasy
that a chocolate lab
picks up my scent
races to me
and no matter how much
others call, whistle or beckon,
she stays by my side.

For now, I must content myself
with the occasional dog sit
and visiting friends with dog.
Being a friend to dogs
instead of an owner
is still a noble profession.