Lady Gaga Out and About in Paris, France - 21 Sep 2012

I thought that living in a rain shadow
would protect me from Jehovah’s Witnesses
but they came and found me
as I was dancing at the beach,
bumping and grinding to Lady Gaga
as is my religion.
They handed me a pamphlet.
The heading read:
“Do you want to know the truth?”
And I wish, in retrospect,
that instead of smiling and nodding politely
I would have said something along the lines of:
“Do YOU want to know the truth? Truth is,
you are bugging me as I am blessing out
to the beat of Born This Way or Bad Romance.
I’m not sure if there is a god, but if there is,
I think that Lady Gaga is as good a deity as any.
Because whomever I pledge allegiance to
will be tolerant and wear leopard print.”
I have no plans to bust into one of their meetings
with a boom box blasting strains of Gaga.
But I have purchased a mini eliptical machine
on so henceforth I may worship
and exercise in peace.