Cast and crew of Crimes of the Heart. Photo by Jim Carroll

Cast and crew of Crimes of the Heart. Photo by Jim Carroll

If you are fortunate enough to have friends in theatre, you are probably inundated by our social media posts encouraging you to come see our shows.

Today will be no exception.

Here is a list of reasons why you should come and see Crimes of the Heart.

1.) Rose Woods directed a kick-ass show, full of comedy and pathos. You don’t want to run into her a month from now and be like “Oh, wow, my dog was sick and I couldn’t come see your show, sorry…” That’s just lame. You’re better than that.

2.) Dave Gignac designed an amazing set with incredible attention to detail. 1974 period-specific appliances and light switches? Realistic painted hardwood floors? A CHANDELIER? Yes. BAM. It makes us all look good.

3.) Valerie Johnson designed gorgeous costumes. Seriously. We all look hot. Forget The Full Monty, we have ladies sashaying around in lacy slips. You don’t want to miss that. And we also look damn clothes with our costumes on as well.

4.) Deana Duncan has lit us all with glowing rose and basterd amber gels that make us look like we are right out of an issue of Ladies Home Journal. And there may or may not be glitter raining from the sky at some point. Really, you’re going to miss GLITTER?  DEANA DUNCAN’S GLITTER?

5.) Michelle Durr is a first-time stage manager, but she is rocking it hard-core. Keeping us crazy-ass actors under control with a loving yet iron fist and calling a tight show?  Dahyum, woman!

6.) Sarafina Durr makes us all look good backstage by making us oatmeal, facilitating quick changes, and making sure all of our props are in the right place. (Hey, we’re actors, we are busy acting, we don’t have time to think about where we’ve misplaced a fake cigarette…)

7.) Rob Durr made us sound good. He’s from Mississippi, for pete’s sake! Authenticity is the name of the game. The triumvirate of Durrs takes this show to the next level.

8.) Melanie Lowey as Lenny. Premature spinster Lenny. Her horse just died, and you’re not going to come see her show?! You’re a monster.

9.) Gail Liston as Chick. You know that aunt? That one aunt who’s always insinuating you need to go to the gym more or get married and have kids? The one who always gets you socks for Christmas and sends you a check for $10 on your birthday? Yeah, that’s who Gail plays. You’ll love to hate her.

10.) Damien Cortez as Doc. Damien is pretty much the coolest guy ever. And he’s playing a tortured former doctor. Forget McDreamy or McSteamy, come and see our McDamien.

11.) Ahna Dunn-Wilder as Babe. Ahna embodies some Lifetime movie realness in this role. She shot her husband in the stomach and nobody knows why. Attempted murder, intrigue, all while looking adorable in pink daises. Who could resist?

12.) Michael Morgen as Barnett. It’s like watching a younger, smarter Nathan Fillion as southern gentleman of a lawyer. Hawt.

13.) Well…um…me. You should come and see me in this play, because it’s been an amazing experience. And I play “a low-down tramp.” Haven’t you always wanted to see me in that role? Don’t be shy. I know you. Yeah, you. You do. Well, here’s your chance.

The show runs through February 24. Get your tickets online or by calling the box office at 221.8268