Homeless Seattle2


Today, at the intersection of 3rd and Cherry
a homeless man approached me and said,
“Miss, hello, miss, first of all you look
just like a Barbie doll and, second, you
better stay out of the rain and can you,
can you spare some money for some food,
I need to eat, here, here, let me hug you.”

And he did. I looked at him. I only had
two bucks on me, but I opened up my wallet
and started to fish them out.

“Miss, just ten, just ten dollars, because
you know I need, I need, I need some pretty
things too.”

“This is all I have on me.”

I handed it over and he shuffled down the hill,
all elbows and exclamations shoved into
an oversized charcoal windbreaker.

I thought about what it would be like
to spend the rest of my days asking.

It occurred to me that this would be the
first and last time I would be likened
to a Barbie doll. If only we could buy
all of our compliments for two dollars.