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The Hedgebrook garden.

The Hedgebrook garden.

The Hedgebrook Spring Salon is on April 27–here are some reasons why you (yes, you!) should attend!


1. You’re a writer who needs a kick in the seat of her pants to slough off the winter grey and infuse your writing with sunshine.

2. Secretly, you wished you wrote 50 Shades of Grey and will greatly benefit from an erotica workshop with Jennifer D. Munro.

3. You want to unleash your inner rock star and will greatly benefit from studying songwriting with Sue Ennis (she writes songs for Heart, people!)

4. You’re an actress who has a play inside of you, waiting to be written. Amy Wheeler can help you with that. She’s a pro.

5. You’ve dreamt of participating in a poetry slam. Karen Finneyfrock is a superhero on this front and will help you let the fresh air into your poetry and other writing.

6. The food. It’s HEDGEBROOK food. Which means it’s extra delicious because Denise made it.

7. The open mic at the end of the day. I laugh and cry every time–it’s magical to hear writers read their work after experiencing the transformative power of mere hours at the retreat.

8. The wine that goes with open mic.

9. The opportunity to be in community and conversation with other like-minded, local women writers. Network and build your tribe.

10. Because you deserve it. Nurture the writer within yourself with the radical hospitality Hedgebrook has to offer and she will do cartwheels and write some of the most profound work you have ever come up with. I promise.

Register Now: http://www.hedgebrook.org/page.php?pageid=125