Run away and join the circus, obviously.
That’s what I would do,
how I would run away.
It’s always been in the back of my mind,
running away to join the circus.
I am clumsy, so I wouldn’t want to
walk the tightrope, or throw knives.
I’m slightly afraid of both elephants and horses.
I’m claustrophobic and afraid of heights,
so no clowning or trapeze for me.
But I think I would come up with an act
where I wore a red sequined dress
with a corset and more make-up than a drag queen
and stood in the center of the ring,
looking statuesque. The audience would wait
to see what my talent was. And I would open
my mouth and start singing the loudest, longest note
in the history of the world. I would just stand there
and belt it out, knocking small children over
in their seats and short-circuiting the popcorn machine.
And after I had finished holding my note,
the audience would stand and cheer
and throw roses at my feet.
That’s how I would do it.
How I would run away.