Born in August, a day late.
Bald for almost two years
First sentence: “Hi, Kitty.”
First memory: holding mom’s hand underneath neon grocery store lights.
Lover of musicals.
Hopeless romantic at heart, but hides it sometimes by being cynical.
Always wanted to be the class clown.
Dreams of living in Paris.
Most meaningful long-term relationship: with iPhone.
Thinks green tea is not the same as coffee.
Longs for a cottage in Langley.
Before death: write a book, make a movie, write a play.
Secretly aspired to being an opera singer.
Loathes writing online dating profiles.
Warm sun = purring.
One day, will own 365 dresses.
Favorite place: an empty theatre,
or arriving at the dressing room before everyone else.
Loves to write, would like more time to do so.
Above all, hopeful.