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hashtag july7
The world can be dissected
into two sets
of parallel lines
overlaid in perpendicular grooves.


Two right angles make a checkbox.
Italicized sets of lines make a hashtag.
Categorize moments by logic and humor.
Search to find similar syllogisms.
In social media, nothing is sacred.


If we continue to condense communications
all the hashtags will accumulate into a
meteor of tictactoe boards
hitting the earth with such velocity
that we will all be obliterated
and the dinosaurs will regenerate
from fossils in museums
powered by fragments of Instagram filters.


Salvation lies
in face to face
Person to person.
If my eyes meet your eyes
and I hold your hand
my skin cells will lock on
to the tempo of your pulse
and we both will regenerate
and become infinitesimally
more human.


Don’t forget to plug in
to the awareness of
and gratitude for
being alive.
This moment.
And this one.
And this one.
The grouping of
cells and stardust
that is you
is so much more
than two sets
of crisscrossed lines.