the shoes were red leather
three and a half inch heels
the gold insole read
Naughty Monkey, akilter in black letters
the shoe elevated me
to his eye level
he said he didn’t like it
when I wore high heels

“why not?” I asked

“I don’t know, I just…I just don’t like it.”

I kept wearing the shoes
my newfound height
made me defiant

I went shopping for 4 and 5 inch heels
would train myself to walk in them
on the deserted high school track
until I gained the proficiency to walk in 6 inch heels

now I stood at 6’2”
he at 5’11” and a half
biting his tongue,
his eyes betrayed him
I could tell he wanted it to stop

but I wanted even more height
I wanted my updo
to graze the bottom of clouds

I bought a pair of stilts
and refused to come down
until I was no longer a giant