Photo by William Gentry.

Photo by William Gentry.

This is where I went wrong:
I started making all these assumptions
that happiness and attractiveness
were to be equated with a dress size
the number of pounds on a scale
the number that corresponded
to my waist line.

It has taken me 27 years, but I’m
finally getting the hang of it
embracing that attractiveness
and happiness come from within.
You need to work on loving yourself
before you can take a step
in any direction.

Our existence is miraculous
and to waste anymore time
complaining and worrying
about the size and shape
of the container
all of our atoms and cells
and love and light
and stardust and fire
and soulfulness
fit into
is to commit treason against yourself.

Instead, I want you to lie on the beach,
walk in the woods,
feel the illuminating heat
of the spotlight
as it caresses your face
find your moment
find all of the moments
inside that moment

allow yourself to realign
because your natural state
is being in harmony with the universe.

Your natural state is happiness.

Work on loving yourself before you start the other work.

It’s that simple.