While you were waiting to be certain of me
vagrant girls wandered into your field of vision
filling casual vacancies in your mind’s eye.
All wanton pixies, they sauntered through your subconscious
and you projected upon them everything I wasn’t.

(You see, you unnerve me, and I can never really
bemyselfaroundyou: a red flag, I am well aware…)

These girls held for you the promise
of all things vapid and nubile.
All things simple and like Lolita.

Truth is, I would break you.

You would never be able
to hold up to my full strength:
instead of bending and pushing back,




I wish you well, chasing those wanton pixies, truly.
But when you finally catch one (if ever),
I hope you feel the hollowness between her ears
as she lays upon your chest.

I hope her hollowness haunts your intellect
and leaves you forever wanting.