The first historic reduction
of women was the (mis)representation
that Eve was forged from a
sliver of Adam. And even before that
myth was perpetuated, the reduction
of the books of the Apocrypha–
omitting, obliterating the story
of Lilith so that no one knew
the story,
the possibility
of a woman coming first.
Then extricating the stories of
the female prophets in compiling the
rest of the Bible. Then even more
minimizing, eradicating the waist
completely, constricting it with
a jail cell of articulating whale
bones, which bled into jogging
and dieting and and our current
obsession with


an unachievable ideal that only 5%
of women can ever hope to remotely
imitate. Reduction has its limits:
if you keep halving the whole,
eventually we are left with