I love wearing leopard print:
it’s the standard issue
military uniform
of my own design,
& make-up is my warpaint.

When I go out into
the world wearing
leopard print,
eyes lined
& mascaraed
powder perfect
porcelain goddess
with red lips
in a bow,

I am demanding to be noticed.
I am firing cannonballs
& missiles
@ patriarchy
& misogyny,
I am saying, “I will not be ignored
& I will not go quietly.”
I am saying I refuse to be demure.
I am saying I love my curves
& cleavage & cackling laugh.

This leopard print that
I wear and hold aloft
as my coat of arms
is a tactical map
showing the ports
of culture that
I intend to invade,
exploding glitter emphatically everywhere.