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She went into the bathroom to take a shower
and was greeted by a distraught chipmunk:
a gift from her cat.

The chipmunk raced along the curtain rod,
skittered up and down the sides of the bathtub
like some deranged skateboarder without wheels.

Not knowing what to do, she grabbed the
towel she used to wipe off her makeup
at the end of the night,
wrapped up the chipmunk firmly, but gently,
and placed him down at the edge of the woods.

Her cat was not amused.
Her cat does not like that the
human has returned the gift.

Her cat decides to eviscerate
the next rodent
and place it inside
one of the lime green gardening clogs
kept on the bottom step of the porch.

“That’ll show her,”
her cat muses
as she saunters away
tail raised
ego bruised
feline to the nines.