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Scene: the park. We see a garbage can and a bench with a small white box with a yellow bow wrapped around it. There are park sounds, birds, kids running about, etc.

Nicole and Izzy enter, holding hands, smiling and laughing. Their relationship is still new.

Nicole: No, I’m serious. When I was a little kid, I would live in libraries almost. My parents never hired a babysitter. They started dropping me off at the library when I was 6 or 7. For hours at a time. At first, I would just read the comics. Garfield was my favorite. And there was a book of Garfield comics where they showed you how to draw Garfield step by step. I can still do it by memory.

Izzy: I always liked Odie. I’m a sucker for blind optimism. There’s no happy like dog happy.

They both grin, and kiss.

Nicole: Wouldn’t that be awesome? If we got a dog. (She goes to sit on the bench, bringing Izzy along with her, using her hands to plunk Izzy’s legs into her lap.) We could get a rescue, you know, a scrappy little mutt and take her to the park all the time. Let her sniff other dogs’ butts.

Izzy: (all smiles) Slow down there, we would need to live together to co-parent a dog. I wouldn’t want to adopt a dog into a broken home.

Nicole: (beat, deep breath) So…yeah. I know, I know–it’s just–I was thinking…

Izzy: Why are you so nervous?

Nicole: I was thinking that could be cool and a kind of awesome idea. (beat) Living together.

Izzy: Are you asking me to move in with you?

Nicole: Only if you think it would be a good idea, too. And if not, forget that I even had the idea.

Izzy: (Not unpleasant. Genuinely curious) Huh.

Nicole: (Swallows nervously). Huh. (beat) Is that a good huh or a bad huh?

Izzy: It’s not a bad huh. It’s an “I’m thinking” huh?

Nicole: (gently probing) You hadn’t thought about it before? Moving in together?

Izzy: Not really, but I’ve never lived with anyone I’ve dated.

Nicole: Oh.

Izzy: Like I said, it’s not a bad huh. It’s a “I’m intrigued” huh. It’s a “This idea is kind of growing on me” huh. It’s a “I’ve never felt this way about someone before and I don’t want to screw it up but living together and getting a rescue does sound really epic oh my god does this mean I’m an adult” huh. (beat) I love you.

Nicole: I love you, too.

Izzy: Be patient with me. I don’t want to damper your enthusiasm for this idea because I didn’t say yes right away.You know me. It just takes some time for an idea, even a really great idea to take root.

She kisses Nicole. It’s a good one, with some heat to it. During the kissing, Izzy knocks the box off of the bench. The stop kissing, giggling.

Nicole: What was that?

She leans over and picks up the box.

Izzy: (looking around) Someone forgot their box. (beat) What do we do?

Nicole: Before or after we agree to move in together?

Izzy punches her goofily in the arm.

Izzy: About the box–what do we do about the box?

Nicole: Well, I think we have to open it to determine if it’s something worth returning.

Izzy: It’s not ours, though. Isn’t that weird, opening something that isn’t ours?

Nicole: We won’t know if it’s something someone wants back until we see what’s inside.

Izzy: Maybe it’s just better to leave here, unopened. It’ll make it easier for the person to find it. Pretend we were never here.

Nicole: I don’t know. If it’s something important, we can turn it into the police or something. And if not, we can just re-tie the bow and leave it here.

Izzy: How will we know it it’s important enough? It could look like junk but maybe it has sentimental value.

Nicole: I don’t think the police will take it if it’s something that might have sentimental value. If it’s jewelry or money or something, then it makes sense to turn it in. If not, we leave it here.

Nicole starts to open the box.

Izzy: Wait!

Nicole looks at her, raises an eyebrow.

Izzy: It just doesn’t feel right. (beat) Opening the box.

Nicole: Izzy, sometimes you just have to take a fucking chance. Right?

A moment. They both realize they might not be talking about just the box.


Nicole: You’re right–it’s none of our/

Izzy: You should just open it/

Nicole: No, but if, you were right/

Izzy: I could be really important/

Nicole: Invasion of property/

Izzy: and they would want to get it back as quickly as possible. (beat) No. Seriously. Let’s open it. Together.

Nicole: On three?

Izzy nods.

Nicole: One.

Izzy: Two.

Nicole: Three.

They open the box. Izzy keeps her eyes shut at first, but then hears Nicole’s laughter.

Nicole: Oh, this is really cute.

She pulls out a yellow peep that has a rolled up piece of paper attached to a ribbon around its neck.

Nicole: (unrolling the piece of paper and reading it aloud)

“This is a poetry peep. I’ve left them in places around the city. Please take a picture with me and email it to this address. I’ll be using the photographs in an installation about poetry in public places.

Here are a couple of lines of poetry from one of my favorite poets, Kelli Russell Agodon:

…So when we fall

into bed together as we will, or into a routine

of too much sex or not enough vegetables,

I realize I could never make you a balance

sheet with all my faults because there isn’t

paper long enough and maybe what I really should be

saying is: Thank you for not killing me in my sleep.”

Long beat. They both tear up a little bit, or some combination of laugh/crying.

Izzy: Thank you for not killing me in my sleep.

Nicole: You are very welcome. And you know I’ll always choose sex with you over vegetables, right?

Izzy: Always?

Nicole: I promise.

Izzy: Even if we live together?

Nicole: Especially if we live together.

Izzy: (beat) We better take this picture, right?

She gets out her phone. They arrange themselves and the peep for a selfie and take the picture.

Izzy: I’m glad we captured this moment.

Nicole: Yeah?

Izzy: Yeah. It’s the moment I decided to move in with you. And now we have that moment preserved forever.

Nicole hugs her, with almost too much force. They laugh. Stand up, leaving the peep sitting on top of the box on the bench.

Nicole: What do we do with the box?

Izzy: We keep it. It’s ours. It’s our first joint possession.

She picks up the box, carefully putting the peep inside, retying the bow around the outside.

Izzy: Let’s go to your place. Have dinner. I’m feeling lasagna.

Nicole: Sounds perfect.

They exit, holding hands.