Lights up.

Food court in a public place. We don’t see any of the restaurants, but we hear the buzz of people ordering food, eating with their families, etc.

There are a dozen tables with chairs.

Rachel enters. She is older and wearing sweat pants, sneakers, a tank top and a military surplus jacket.

She does not speak.

She is carrying a roast chicken in a plastic container. We can smell it and see the condensation beading on the inside.

She also carries a very large cup of soda from which she takes sips to punctuate the silence.

She sets the chicken down. Meticulously arranges the white plastic utensils around the chicken.

She opens the plastic container and smells the chicken.

She quickly puts the lid back on and stands up, marching around her table.

She makes percussive movements with her limbs, though not in tandem. There is no discernable rhythm. She might click her tongue or shhh unseen people in the food court.

Finally, she does back and sits down.

She goes through the sequence of opening the container, smelling the chicken, closing the lid and marching around 2-3 more times, each time getting faster, the movements more violent, taking of her jacket before she does the final sequence.

She sees a napkin dispenser, and methodically gets enough napkins to make a checkerboard pattern on her table.

When this is complete, she sits down once more, uncovers the chicken, and gingerly picks up a knife and a fork.

She cuts through the skin of the chicken, taking dainty bites, stomping her feet after each time she swallows.

She continues to eat the chicken.

Beyond the point of it being comfortable for the audience.

She finishes eating and takes a package of wet wipes from her jacket pocket.

She gets up and uses a plastic fork to conduct an imaginary orchestra.

Finally, she sings.


Sebben Crudele,

Mi fai languir,

sempre fedele.

sempre fedele ti voglio amar.


Sebben Crudele.

Mi fai languir,

Sempre fedele ti voglio amar.


End of play.