Lights up.

Diana and Laura at a bowling alley. They throw the balls off stage left.

LAURA jumps up and down, just having gotten a spare.

LAURA: Spare! (She does an obnoxious victory dance.) Write that down.

DIANA: (she does) Ok, a spare for Laura. Why don’t they have the computers?

LAURA: It adds to the charm. It’s like, retro.

DIANA: It’s kind of annoying. I hate doing math.

LAURA: Just use your phone. (beat) It’s your turn.

DIANA: You know I’m not good at bowling. Don’t ruin the fun by being overly critical.

LAURA: Okay, okay–I promise.  

DIANA awkwardly throws her bowling ball. We hear the sound of two pins going down offstage.

LAURA: See?! You got two!

DIANA laughs, goes again. One more pin falls.

LAURA: (Feigned enthusiasm) Three! Three pins! (beat) Can I ask you a question about how you’re holding the ball? It’s not a critique, I swear.

DIANA: What is it?

LAURA: Which fingers are you putting in the holes?

DIANA: These two. (She lifts up her pointer and middle finger, like a backwards peace sign.)

LAURA: (Trying not to be too critical.) Who taught you to hold the ball like that?

DIANA: No one really taught me, we just kind of messed around in gym class for a month in middle school, that is the extent of my bowling education. Why?

LAURA: Well, if you’d be open to a suggestion, most people use their pointer finger and their ring finger. That leaves the middle finger to sort of guide the ball.

DIANA: Huh. I never knew.

LAURA: You could try it, see if you liked it better?

DIANA: Yeah, I think I will. On my next turn.

LAURA: You should go again.

DIANA: But it’s your turn. Won’t that screw up the scorecard?

LAURA: (shrugging) It’s supposed to be fun, right?

DIANA: (beat. She smiles broadly) Ok, new game. I am totally going to kick your ass now that I know how to hold the ball!

LAURA: (playful) Those are fighting words.

DIANA: Think you can take me?

LAURA: I think I’m up to the challenge. (grins)

DIANA rips up the old score card, giving LAURA a new one to keep score on. She gets up to bowl again. We hear all the pins fall.

DIANA: A strike! I finally got a strike! I’ve never gotten a strike before in my life!

They both celebrate her victory.

End of play.