Lights up.plays

High school hallway. Lockers abound.

LISA and RACHEL enter, opening their respective lockers.

RACHEL: You can’t quit show choir!

LISA: Rachel–

RACHEL: No, seriously, you can’t! You’re the best singer we’ve got.

LISA: I don’t want to do it this year. All the rehearsals, and touring to competitions–it’s exhausting.

RACHEL: Freshman year, you were the only girl that got in. The Silver Connection just won’t be the same without you.

LISA: You guys are going to be great! You don’t need me.

RACHEL: But it’s our year! We’re going to sing For Good from Wicked to close out the set–it’s going to be amazing–I can’t do it without you. It’s our senior year–this is our legacy.

LISA: I don’t know what to say. I’m quitting.

RACHEL: Why? (beat) What’s the real reason? We have stuck duct tape to the bottom of each other’s character shoes for too many competitions for you not to tell me.

LISA: Honestly, there’s a guy. I did a youth Shakespeare intensive this summer and they offer a Fall session as well on the weekends. And I think this guy is really into me, and I have spent so many hour rehearsing and studying and–I just feel like I missed most of high school. It just whizzed by. And now, it’s senior year, and I just want to have some fun. I have a library internship and a study hall. I’ve never had a study hall. That’s two classes with no homework!

RACHEL: What about your mom? She never lets you out of the house unless it’s to study or for a rehearsal.

LISA: Exactly. So Thomas and I are starting and independent Shakespeare study group. Very independent. Just the two of us. (she giggles)  

RACHEL: At least you’ll still performing, right?

LISA: Yes, and I’ll come to see all the performances at the high school–I’ll even try to get Thomas to come. I really want you to meet him. And I’m still going to audition for the musical in the Spring, ok? We’ll have one final curtain call together.

RACHEL: You seem really happy.

LISA: I am! I finally get to be giggly with a boy–and hold hands and all that crap–you know me, I never got to do that kind of stuff. I never made out with Sam Rice in the band storage closet…

RACHEL: Hey, now–that was never proven.

LISA: Or with Greg Nellis in the teacher’s lounge–how did you even–

RACHEL: Ok–ok! I get it. (beat) Go be happy. (she smiles) And let me know if your need any pointers. (beat) Are you still going to help me with my college auditions?

LISA: Of course! What are you working on?

They close their lockers and walk away, continuing the conversation as they exit.

RACHEL: Well, I really like Suddenly, Seymour, but it’s hard to cut just 24 bars of it. It’s in cut time, so I’m afraid if I start in the middle, the accompanist is going to screw up. If it’s in cut time, how does that affect the number of measures?

LISA: Do you have the music with you?

RACHEL nods.

LISA: Let me see it.

RACHEL gets it from her backpack.

LISA: Ok, I see where you want to cut it–pencil, please.

End of play.