Lights up.plays

Bridal suite.

SHERRI is helping RHONDA get ready for her wedding.

SHERRI is wearing a hot-pink bridesmaid gown that is not her favorite.

RHONDA: Is my hair alright? The stylist didn’t do it exactly the way I wanted it. I mean, I wanted it like with a casual wave and I feel the curls are too tight, but, you know me, I can’t do my own hair, I couldn’t even fix it if I wanted to. Could you fix it? Does it need fixing?

SHERRI: You look gorgeous. I wouldn’t change a thing.

RHONDA: How do the bridesmaids like the gowns? Real cute, right?

SHERRI: (too enthusiastically) Real cute, yeah!

RHONDA: Oh, my god. Do you not like your dress?! Oh, my god! Why didn’t you tell me?!

SHERRI: Rhonda, the dress is cute, I promise! (beat) It’s not something I would buy for myself, but it’s your day! You deserve to have the perfect wedding and these dresses are a part of that!

RHONDA: You don’t like them, do you?

SHERRI: Honestly, they’re not my taste, but my taste doesn’t matter today. Today is all about you.

RHONDA: We should just cancel, really. If my maid of honor doesn’t even want to wear her dress–

SHERRI: What? Cancel? No–no, no, no, no, no–I’m wearing the dress–I want to wear the dress because it’s what you want and it’s your special day and I am so happy to wear this dress, forget I said anything, I love this dress!

RHONDA: I already know you don’t like it, Sherri. You are not a good actor.

SHERRI: Please don’t cancel your wedding because of my poor acting skills! I’ll get out there and I’ll be smiling and no one will know it’s not my favorite. Come on. It has been a perfect weekend. The rehearsal dinner went so smoothly and the bachelorette party was so much fun!

RHONDA: I don’t think I want to do it.

SHERRI: I am so sorry I said anything about the dress–

RHONDA: It’s not about the dress.

SHERRI: If I could turn back the clock and have that moment again–

RHONDA: It’s not about the dress!

SHERRI: Rhonda, what’s going on?

RHONDA: You know how there was that Tiffany Milwaukee hack last week, the hackers got into the site where married people look for affairs? And now, there’s a website where you can cross-reference your email contacts to see if anyone you know was using the site. And I got an anonymous tip that Kevin’s email was on that list. (She starts to get choked up.) And I checked it on my own, and yeah, there it was. On that list. (Starting to cry.) You know me, I’m no good at confrontation, so I haven’t said anything. I’ve just let the wedding keep happening. And now I don’t know what to do. (beat) What do I do, Sherri?

SHERRI: (stunned) Ok, well, ok. Let’s see. I think you need to talk to Kevin, like, right away.

RHONDA: (still weepy) But it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony…

SHERRI: Rhonda, sweetie, we have got to let that superstition go for the moment, because, right now, we’re trying to decide if there will still be a wedding. You need to find Kevin and I will stall the pastor or whatever for as long as it takes. Where’s Kevin?

RHONDA: I don’t know…

SHERRI: I am going to go find him and bring him back here. And you are going to pull yourself together and be the strong woman I know you are and you are going to ask him what is going on. And it might be scary, and you might hear things you which you hadn’t, but then you’ll know. And then you can decide if you want to go through with the wedding. (beat) Take a deep breath.

RHONDA does. She takes hold of SHERRI’s hands and squeezes them tightly. They hug.

RHONDA: Dammit, I am ruining my makeup, I know I am ruining my make up.

SHERRI: I’m going to get Kevin.

RHONDA: (in the mirror) Ok, you. This is what you have been waiting your whole life for. Your perfect day. But you need to get some information to see if that’s true, if this really is going to be the day, your wedding day…

She looks in the mirror for very long beat.

A rage comes over her face, and she smashes the standing mirror to the ground, breaking it into several pieces.

We hear SHERRI’s voice from outside the door.

SHERRI: (muffled) Rhonda, are you alright in there? I’ve brought Kevin, are you ready for him to come in?

RHONDA: Just a minute!

She grabs a large shard from the broken mirror and hides it behind her back.

RHONDA: Ready!

End of play.